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How do I remain anonymous?
No matter how you choose to contact us, you will be given a code number for identification.

We will never ask your name and we do not take your phone number or have caller ID or call return.

When calling Crime Stoppers, do not use a cordless phone or cell phone. These are not secure lines and people with scanners could hear your call.

You may also send us a tip online. The link redirects you to a site that is not affiliated with any law enforcement organization. You will fill out a form with your tip information, supply a password for checking on the status of your tip, and the information is emailed to the Crime Stoppers Coordinator. In order to guard your identity, any Internet address related to your location is removed from the tip information email sent to Crime Stoppers.

If you choose to contact us by text message, it goes through two separate servers that strip your phone number from the message prior to us receiving it. Your phone number is encrypted and stored in the first server in Canada. This allows us to send messages back to you. To give us more information, all you need to do is reply to the auto-sent message you will receive when you send your original tip.