Crime of the Week - Wichita and Sedgwick County
Crime of the Week - Wichita and Sedgwick County
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Wichita Police need your assistance to catch the people responsible for 14 burglaries since June. Between Monday, June 6, and Tuesday, Sept. 13, the suspects have burglarized stores throughout Wichita. They include Verizon Wireless, Sprint, Radio Shack, Ribbit Computers, Rent a Center, Mobile Communications, Motor Mouth Wireless and Haddock Computer. They use a glass punch to break a window to get in, and then grab what they can in a short amount of time. The loss of laptops, iPods, cell phones and televisions is valued at more than $15,000.

The two suspects are dressed in jeans and black hoodies. The vehicle used in the burglaries is a silver, four-door sedan with a sun roof and a spoiler.