Crime of the Week - Wichita and Sedgwick County
Crime of the Week - Wichita and Sedgwick County
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CRIME STOPPERS CASE 1747FOR THE WEEK OF DECEMBER 21, 2017 WICHITA POLICE DEPARMENT:  DETECTIVE TODD PORTEROn December 4, 2017, a black Hummer H-3 with a possible Oklahoma tag (possible 2005 – 2009) entered the parking garage of Wesley Hospital at 550 N. Hillside with a stolen U-haul trailer.  The two suspects exited their vehicle and proceeded to load two motorcycles into the trailer.  The first is a Harley Davidson with aftermarket chrome pieces and the second is an orange 2009 Y
CRIME STOPPERS CASE 1746FOR THE WEEK OF DECEMBER 14, 2017On Sunday, November 26th shortly after 11:30am, Officers from the Wichita Police Department were dispatched to a suspicious character call involving a vehicle in the 7800 block of E. Pagent. Officers located Hasan Rahman (pictured) deceased from a gunshot wound in the trunk of the vehicle.Mr. Rahman, a 26 year old male, had been reported a missing the previous night by his co-workers at Pizza Hut. Mr. Rahman was a Pizza Hut delivery driver
CRIME STOPPERS CASE 1745FOR THE WEEK OF DECEMBER 8, 2017 WICHITA POLICE DEPARTMENT: DETECTIVE VIRGIL MILLER WPD 17C530867During the overnight hours of November 24th into November 25th, the two suspects shown in the surveillance photos walked to the carwash at 5000 S. Broadway, from the direction of the mobile home community to the east. One of the suspects was carrying an axe and used it to hit the Pepsi machine at least 12 times causing major damage to the machine before leaving with the bills
 CRIME STOPPERS CASE 1744FOR THE WEEK OF NOV. 29, 2017 SEDGWICK COUNTY SHERIFF’S DEPARTMENT: DETECTIVE BLOESINGThe pictured subject is a suspect in an auto burglary at the Sedgwick County Extension Office located at 7001 W. 21St N. in Wichita, KS. The incident occurred some time around 9am on 10/19/2017. The suspect stole the victim’s purse and contents. He then proceeded to attempt to take out a cash advance at a local bank on the west side of town. Video surveillance captured the sus