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Guns ‘n Hoses Wichita is an amateur tournament featuring law enforcement officer versus firefighters from the Wichita metropolitan area who duke it out for charity..
Sixty percent of the proceeds from the Guns ‘n Hoses Wichita boxing tournament go to benefit charities chosen by law enforcement officers and firefighters, and to support gyms in the area that have youth boxing programs.
The tournament will be held on Friday night, May 2, 2014 at Hartman Arena.
Firefighters, law enforcement officers, paramedics and other public safety personnel currently serving their communities may participate in the tournament. Men and women of any age and weight may take part.
No. If you have never boxed before you may still qualify to box in the tournament.
Guns ‘n Hoses Wichita will match 15 bouts based on age, weight and boxing skills.
Official training for this event begins on January 6, 2014.
Safety is paramount...
Not necessarily. As mentioned above, all matches will be based on age, weight and experience. However, we will work hard to ensure you get a bout in the tournament.
Gloves, mouthpieces, protective headgear and groin protection(males only)will be provided during the tournament.
Absolutely. All boxers who take part in the tournament will receive an award.
You must register both with Guns 'n Hoses Wichita and with USA Boxing no later than January 20, 2014.
Basically, the answer to this question is very little. You will have some minor expenses a portion of which can be reimbursed.
Definitely. Guns ‘n Hoses will be selling boxer sponsorship packages that will include:
Contact either Gordon Bassham or Julie Hower at the Wichita Crime Commission at 316-267-1235.

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DATE: May 3, 2013 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: Gordon Bassham Executive Director Crime Stoppers of Wichita/ Sedgwick County 316-267-1235 ** News Release ** Late on the morning of Th
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